Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday 114 - Coney Island

One of the hottest days of the summer spent down on the boardwalk at Coney Island, New York. The sun was sizzling, the fairground rides were whirling, the boardwalks were hopping - and the shadows were strong. I am still in transit and arrive on the French Riviera next week. For more fun with shadows check out Shadow Shot Sunday by clicking here....


louciao said...

Reminds me of the book of poetry by Ferlinghetti, "A Coney Island of the Mind."
Bon voyage, bonne arrivée!

Martha Z said...

The French Riviera? You lead such a tough life.
You remind me of my aunt. After WWII she worked for the army in Austria, later in Japan and Hawaii. In between she worked for Columbia Pictures and went on location to Africa. Like you, she used these home bases to explore the world.
I look forward to seeing what new sights you will find for us.

Sylvia K said...

Fun place to spend a hot day!! Great shadow shots, too! I know you must be getting excited about your new home to be! Can't wait to see your pics from there! Have a great weekend and a safe trip, Catherine!!


Ms. Becky said...

the French Riviera? oh my. I'm looking forward to your photos! this is a happy and hot shadow shot and I love it. happy SSS to you. be safe and take good care.

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The Coney Island shadows are frenzied and joyful! After your move, are you going to change the name of your blog? Just curious...


If shadows could jump,
How high would they go?
As high as the moon?
Does anyone know?

If shadows could weep,
How long would they cry?
As long as it takes
To climb to the sky?

If shadows could laugh
And tell funny jokes
Would you take them home
And say, “Get this, folks!”?

If shadows could wed,
Would they prefer you
Or somebody else
To promise, “I do”?

© 2011 Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadows on this door and this

Fly Girl said...

Nothing more iconic than the Coney Island boardwalk on a hot summer day! Great shot.

Ralph said...

The classic entertainment emporium located in Brooklyn. Or wherever fun, sun and water converge. A fun place for shadows and perhaps hotdogs too :)

EG Wow said...

Very cool mosaic. I just KNEW I would find lively colour here! :)

Linnea said...

Great shot! Happy travels!

Paula Scott said...

Thanks for the update! I thought you were there already.

Love the summer shots of Coney. I've never been...

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very good photo.


Kelly said...

Wonderful descriptions. I feel like I'm there in the heat with you!

Catherine said...

thanks everyone - great comments this week - hopefully the next post will be from the French Riviera....