Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday 203 - London

Whenever I am home in London, I always find the opportunity to head straight to my favourite place - Osterley Park. A walk here always clears the cobwebs and puts the world to rights - at least for a while!!

On my recent trip over Christmas, there was only one day when it didn't rain and the blustery gale force winds subsided for a few hours....The sun shone, the shadows lengthened, and the sky burst out strong and blue in all its glorious winter light...

Who would think that this scenic place is in the middle of a seething metropolis only a stone's throw from Heathrow airport and the M4?? For more shadow shots this week, click HERE for Shadow Shot Sunday. Enjoy!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Weekend Reflections 40 - London

Late afternoon winter light on the Richmond tow path creates this beautiful mirror surface. Now all we need are the they come...

and here they go...

For more reflection shots this week, click HERE for Weekend Reflections...Enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Staglieno Cemetery - Genoa

Visiting the Staglieno Cemetery on the outskirts of Genoa is like wandering around one of the most exquisite outdoor art galleries displaying complete mastery over marble in its host of sculptures and statuary....

The details of the draperies whereby the marble is made to ripple into the folds of lace shawls, full skirts, and flowing cloaks is quite wondrous to behold...

and just look at the beautiful faces with their stunning features and expressions of deep mourning and grief so delicately carved in marble cut from the Carrara quarries in the nearby Italian hills....

Unfortunately the day I went was pouring with rain, and I couldn't get nearly as many shots of these stunning works of art as I would have liked, but somehow the misty atmosphere of dripping rain was very special too...

A place I would love to return to....and so easy to get to by taking Bus 34 from the main railway station in Genoa - Stazione Principe, the journey being only about twenty minutes or so....Enjoy!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shadow Shot Sunday 202 - Nice

A palm tree casts its distinctive shadow on a typical apartment building in Nice.....for more shadow shots this week click HERE for Shadow Shot Sunday. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chapelle des Penitents - Grimaud

Throughout the ancient Medieval villages of rural France these beautiful chapels can be found, namely Les Chapelles des Penitents originially officiated by The White Penitents, a fraternity who helped the poor of the village. This particular chapel is in the beautiful hilltop village of Grimaud close to St Tropez, and it was founded in the 15th century, with the construction date of 1482 located on the entrance lintel. 
Happy New Year 2014.....Enjoy!!