Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday 221 - Nice

Happy Easter everyone!! Here is the view from the balcony of my apartment here in Nice where I have lived for almost three years, but I am on the move again.....After a decade of continuous living overseas first in Mexico City, then in Nice, and at least two decades of globetrotting, living and working in Canada, Australia, and travelling extensively through Asia, North, Central, and South America, Europe and Australasia, I am going HOME - yes moving back to LONDON in JULY 2015. As I am also planning to give up teaching after over three decades at the chalkface and search for a new direction, the big word for 2015 is CHANGE. Here is a shadowy corner of my apartment here in Nice which will only be my corner for the next three months.....

What changes are you planning for 2015?? Plus a question for bloggers - how easy is it to blog from your own hometown?? In the meantime check out other shadow shots from around the world by clicking HERE for Shadow Shot Sunday. Enjoy!!