Thursday, October 2, 2008

Meet the Locals - Policemen in Ponchos

It is often difficult for those who have never lived in Mexico to appreciate the fact that ponchos and sombreros are not at all the rather tacky and jokey souvenirs of a tequila-fueled beach holiday, but are indeed a part of ordinary, everyday life both here in Mexico City and elsewhere in the country. They are the outfits of dedicated mariachi bands, the ordinary dress of working people, and as depicted, here the uniforms of police officers working in the city. These two guys are part of the mounted police force who patrol the Alameda park in the Centro Historico district of the city. As it was a nippy and grey, chilly day by Mexican standards, one was wearing the regulation police poncho in addition to the standard sombrero. Just a typical sight on the streets of the Big Taco.

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