Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Photo Booths at the Basilica Guadalupe

As the great annual pilgrimage to the Basilica Guadalupe begins to gather momentum to arrrive at the most visited shrine in North America on the Guadalupe Virgin's Day, December 12th, it may be interesting to visit the world of the traditional photographer and his photo booth.

Sunday, or family day, here in Mexico witnesses large groups of extended families spending the day visiting the shrine, praying at the churches, strolling around the gardens, buying Virgin souvenirs.

No Sunday is complete without the requisite "recuerdo", the souvenir which will enshrine these treasured memories forever in the form of the family photograph.

Located in the spacious grounds of the Basilica, families, couples, children queue to have their photograph taken, complete with all the necessary religious accessories of images of the Virgin and the Pope, but also the cultural trappings of glitzy sombreros, obliging horses, brightly-striped sarapes, vibrant flowers, and perfect ponchos.

For a mere 30 pesos (3USD) the photographer will compose, dress, take, process and deliver your unique souvenir all within about 5 minutes. It is another one of those Mexican traditions that alongside balloon selling, bubble blowing, and candy floss spinning hark back to an innocent and unspoilt era akin to the fifties - bygone in the typical modern metropolis.

Isn't it rather heartwarming in this clinical, digital age that such photographers can still run such thriving businesses??

What is your favourite setting for a souvenir photograph that will just summon up those memories at a single glance??

Photographs - Basilica Guadalupe, La Villa, Mexico City, DF


Fly Girl said...

What lovely images! I love the colors and the emotions that translate from the people. My fave souvenir photo is of me in the mountains of Mandeville, Jamaica, with a white staw hat and dress blowing in the sea breeze.

jess gonacha said...

wow, i would love to see that in person! i've never been to mexico, but i hope to visit one day... beautiful shots!!

Catherine said...

Fly Girl ...the colours never stop coming here in Mexico a trip will certainly inspire a lot of new patterns!! ps love the latest one Katia

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Lovely post and question. My favorite souvenir photos are any of my kids/family at the beach!

Catherine said...

Cecile..thanks for the appreciation of thr photos,..hope you get back to blogging soon