Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meet Victor Uhthoff - Jardin del Arte

One of my favourite places to visit in the city is the Sunday Art market near where I live. Most of the artists from Saturday's Bazaar Sabado are there, but this Jardin del Arte is a lot more low key and local, with a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Art classes take place under the trees, and artists sit playing chess and dominos in a quiet, leafy setting. They have time to chat, and over the past few years, I have got to know quite a few of them, and bought quite a lot of their work.

One of my favourites is the work of artist Victor Uhthoff Lopez who, for the past 24 years has exhibited here, a distinctive style of postexpressionist paintings with a definite hint of surrealism. All his work is inspired by Mexico City, and on my walls, I have the Jazz Club triptych inspired by Papa Beto's - a long established Institution in my neighbourhood, Colonia Cuauhtemoc.

Prices are both reasonable and negotiable, and you can get paintings framed instantly on one of the surrounding framing stalls which also sell all manner of art equipment and supplies. The Jardin del Arte is only open on a Sunday and is located at Rio Panuco and Sullivan. The best time to go is between 11 am and 3pm.


Wendy said...

I love the painting on your wall!

Catherine said... need to get into mbuying some of his stuff when you are down here !

DuluthSleuth said...

I am also a collecionista of Uhtoff's work. I buy one every time I visit Mexico City, either at Bazaar Sabado on Saturday or Parque Sullivan on Sunday.

Unknown said...

Are any of Victor Uhthoff art still for sale?

CanArtbuyer said...

I have bought a few pieces from Galeria Contempo in PV. obviously I'm paying more than buying them from the Jardin del Arte, but I really like his work.

lilisweety said...

Hi! Does anyone has the contact info of him? I want to buy a piece of him last Saturday. Thanks