Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Local artists in Mexico - Street Art in Oaxaca

With Banksy working in London, and Street Art beginning to command high prices at auctions, as well as a great deal of attention in the galleries, it was interesting to see that the work of a young group of artists has replaced the traditional history of protest graffiti in Oaxaca. ArtejaguaR was founded in the graphic design workshops of the Fine Arts School ( UABJO) in 2004. Their aesthethics experiment with traditional graphic design techniques to produce a form of street art which has links to graffiti, popular culture and graphic design. The first picture is a traditional shop sign using stencilling and signpainting by hand so common throughout the whole of Mexico, whereas the second is the work of the Arte Jaguar Crew. Check out more of their work and philosophy on their self-proclaimed website Myspace.com - Artejaguar.
You can find this work in situ (about seven pieces of street art) on Calle Allende in the city of Oaxaca, just round the corner from a charming Posada called Hotel Las Golondrinas ( 411 Calle Tinoco y Palacios ) which is a steal at 520 pesos ( $52 ) for a double room amidst blooming patios and a chilled out cafe.
Are they simply following in the Mexican tradition of commercial graphic design or are they breaking new ground and forging a new aesthetic in line with the burgeoning interest in Street Art worldwide? For more current information on London street artists check out the article in www.timeout.com about D*Face, Eine, ID, Caliper Boy, Cut Up, and Adam Neate.


Wendy said...

welcome to the blogosphere! Love the name.

Catherine Bardrick said...

yes... I can begin to see how it might become a bit obsessive and addictive!! will need a few tips on the tecnical and networking side.. haven't got my head round that yet!

Lesley said...

Great idea to have a blog, Cath.
Will follow your exciting escapades with interest!

Wendy said...

You are off to a good start. Will show you tricks when in the Big Taco next month. Looking forward!