Sunday, September 28, 2008

Local Artists in Mexico - Frida's Contemporaries

An interesting art exhibition is currently showing in DF at Museo Mural Diego Rivera in the Centro Historico. It features the work of native Mexican and ex-pat female artists who were all contemporaries of Frida Kahlo in the forties and fifties; many of whom, however, were subsequently forgotten or remain undocumented. The show exhibits a range of paintings, sculptures, silk tapestries, and woodcut engravings by 27 different artists, and many of these artists are still working today here in Mexico. Some of the artists featured include photographer Lola Bravo, painter Olga Costa, woodcut engraver Isabel Villasenor, sculptor Rosa Castillo and Lola Cueto who creates silk tapestries. The range of work is both diverse and beautifully displayed, but if you live in DF, you need to be quick as the exhibition closes on October 12th 2008.

Also at this museum you can view one of Rivera's most famous murals "Sueno de una tarde dominical en la Alameda" (Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda) which is on permanent display, and if you still have more energy, round the corner at Laboratorio Arte Alameda there is currently an exhibition called "Synenergia". This is cutting edge contemporary art shown very atmospherically in a dark and gloomy, but beautiful former church. The most interesting exhibit in the show, is an installation piece called "Lider de Opinion" by Ivan Puig 2008, which features a variety of miniature dioramas which are filmed and then displayed as two different fake news broadcasts. One of the curators, who has to sit in the dark all day, is unsurprisingly very keen to chat to you and urge you to recommend this exhibition and get more people to attend.

Between the two galleries there is one of my favourite pitstops in the Alameda area, good for a really authentic Mexican breakfast of huevos rancheros, namely Cafe Trevi. A word of warning, however, as although I love spicy food, this place serves the Dirty Harry of salsas, which if you're not careful will indeed blow your head clean off!!

Museo Mural Diego Rivera is at the corner of Balderas and Colon, the entrance to Laboratorio is just round the corner on Dr Mora ( ), and between them Cafe Trevi is on the corner of Colon and Dr Mora.

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kristine said...

there seems to be so much art and culture up for grabs in Mexico City. I am a bit jealous!!