Saturday, September 27, 2008

The longest print in the world - Mexico DF

Today saw a unique art event happening on the streets of DF, as over 200 local artists collaborated to produce the longest print in the world, stretching from Bellas Artes all along Avenida Juarez as far as Reforma in the Centro Historico. Entitled "Grabado del Bicentenario en la Ciudad de Mexico", the artwork serves to acknowledge and celebrate Mexico's bicentenary upcoming in the year 2010, and will only be displayed for one day, namely Saturday September 27th 2008. A video shown on the pavement outside the Alameda shows the artists at work, plus the monumental staging of the event and setting up of the print earlier today.

Amongst the featured artists is world renowned Leonora Carrington, a long term resident of Colonia Roma in Mexico City. It is interesting to note, that as is so often the case in Mexican art that the skull and the skeleton are frequently featured along the print's length. I was unable to find out if it is intended that the print will now go on more permanent display in DF.

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